Dyslexia, the Education System and Life in general

2. Dyslexia and the Education System (Discovering Dyslexia)

on March 11, 2015

As soon as Josie started Secondary School, I contacted the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at school. I explained my worries and asked if she could be tested for Dyslexia.

In the beginning of October 2012 a Dyslexia Screening (a short 15 minute test) was carried out which showed up ‘traits of dyslexia’. All that it recommended was that she should be assessed again before sitting her GCSEs, to see if extra time would be allowed for exams. I couldn’t see how extra time in her exams would help when I felt it was so obvious that she needed more support now.

The school put extra classes in place, so for an hour a day (four days a week) my daughter attended a Fresh Start Reading and Writing group during school time, and also small maths groups. This was to help her catch up, but meant she would miss out on other vital lessons. I needed to make sure she was getting the right help and to find out about dyslexia, and a web search turned up endless websites (look at my Links page, for the ones I found most useful). I couldn’t find anything local and really felt out of my depth. I telephoned the BDA helpline about the same time, with no idea what questions to ask, I knew nothing, but knew I needed help. From what I can remember it was suggested that I look on the BDA website to find my Local Dyslexia Association. My closet one was 15 miles away in Croydon, so I decided not to go.

I then continued my web search finding Dyslexia Action, Helen Arknell, etc etc  and felt increasingly more lost. I phoned Dyslexia Action, and because I didn’t know what I needed to ask, I just found out about tuition, which was out of my financial reach, so I kept on searching.

I have started my blog now because I felt so lost at this point.  I had no one to hold my hand. 

How could someone give me answers when I didn’t understand the questions?

One day I accidentally spotted the British Dyslexia Association ‘Empowering Parents’ free workshop, in March 2013 (Waterloo). I booked a place and then nervously went along and listened to speakers talk about Special Educational Needs, Code of Practice, Statements, EHCPs, MindMaps, and endless other things that I had never heard before. But the main thing I realised is that I need to understand my daughters strengths and weaknesses, which I would get in a Full Dyslexia Assessment. Also that I would have to pay for this myself (between £300 – £600). It was mentioned that my nearest place to contact would be Dyslexia Action.  I also found out that there was a meeting at Croydon Dyslexia Association a couple of days later, and that I might find that of interest, and it isn’t a million miles from where I live.

I went along to the Croydon meeting armed with the Screening Test results and samples of Josie’s work. I met some lovely people, and was given the name Sarah Beard (at Dittas) as she carries out Dyslexia Assessments. I was told that she would be the best person to talk to.

I telephoned Sarah, and said I think I need a Full Dyslexia Assessment carried out as I was concerned that my daughter might be dyslexic, and I want to understand her strengths and weaknesses, so myself and her school can understand how best to help her. After I completed a questionnaire, sent more samples of Josie’s work, and copies of all Speech and Language reports. I had another chat with Sarah and she discussed the implications of the Assessment. How would we handle the situation if it shows no signs of dyslexia, if the problems are caused by a low IQ, or other issues. I said I just needed to understand what the issues were, and then find out how to support my daughter.

April 2013 Dyslexia Assessment day… My daughter enjoyed the assessment as Sarah really is a wonderful lady. When we went back to collect her, she said almost straight away, that yes she has dyslexia. Now we have to wait for the report for all the details.

Finally we have an answer, for all the struggles. Now everything will fall into place…

(Updated 28th March 2015)

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