Dyslexia, the Education System and Life in general

5. Dyslexia and the Education System (Tribunal)

on March 23, 2015

March 2014 and I have now just received my second Note in Lieu (NIL) instead of a Statement. This gives more details of the Support Josie needs but doesn’t have any funding attached to it, so almost impossible for school to provide.

All the reports clearly state how far behind Josie is, and how much support she needs. My only way forward was to apply for a Tribunal Hearing.  I spoke to Parent Partnership who said I would now need help from www.ipsea.org.uk as they are funded by the Local Authority (LA).

I tried ringing IPSEA unsuccessfully for a couple of weeks, and I went onto their website and it was straight forward to download a form asking to Appeal the decision made by the LA. I filled out my name, ticked a few boxes and then attached all the relevant paperwork that showed Josie’s needs and the information from the LA. I heard back from them with an Appeal Hearing date in December 2014. I was shocked at how long this was, but then I read all the paperwork and saw that this was for a good reason. It gives you time to work with the LA to try to come to an agreement. All correspondence between us and the LA now had to be emailed to the Tribunal Offices.

Josie is now at the end of Year 8, and I was so worried that time is running out for her education. In Year 7 I had been told that with the right support she can catch up. Now I’m looking at a child that is becoming less interested in school as she falls behind and feels increasingly more stupid every day. Thankfully she still believed me when I said I could make things right and get the right help for her. She would get up for school every day, and she would try so hard. I had to make this right for her. I had to keep believing in myself.

I couldn’t sit back and wait for answers to come to me. I wrote to Mr Gove (Head of Education – total waste of time) and my local MP (brilliant), I was constantly contacting the lovely SENCo at Josie’s school, the LA, and anyone else that I could think of.

I’m really panicking now. How can the Education System be so wrong?

(28th March 2015)

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