Dyslexia, the Education System and Life in general

7. Dyslexia and the Education System (Happy Endings)

on March 27, 2015

The night we arrived home from The Moat School, we received a phone call from Moon Hall College offering Josie a place.  Now we can name Moon Hall as the school on the Statement, but we have to wait again for the LA to send all the information back to the panel meeting. My finger nails are now bitten down to the knuckles.

The Tribunal date we had was for ‘failure to provide a statement’, so that hearing was cancelled when we received the draft statement.  If the LA refused to send Josie to Moon Hall we would have to apply for a new Tribunal Hearing, which probably wouldn’t be until May 2015, and Josie would be coming up to 14 and almost to late to salvage her secondary education, which is crazy when she is still struggling with a lot of the basic things.

Then the amazing day arrived and I received the phone call saying that during the meeting, The Panel have agreed to send Josie to Moon Hall College. Then letters were signed and exchanged, and a start date agreed for 6th January 2015.

We were all over the moon. Josie was so happy even when we told her she was getting a new school uniform for Christmas.

Straight away Josie came home from Moon Hall College saying that she now understands maths, and when she doesn’t, the teachers explain it and make it easy for her. She really has become more confident, and parents evening was amazing. We are now enjoying discussions about GCSE options, even though she still needs a lot of support in place, anything is now possible.

Now we want to share our story so others can see that you have to fight to get any help.

1 in 10 people are dyslexic.   That is three children in every classroom.

The whole education system is wrong.

There needs to be more funding in place to give the right support to children from a young age.

Without support people can end up dropping out of society, causing greater expenses on the unemployment and legal systems.

With the right support people can conquer the world or be anything they wish.

(Updated 28th March 2015)

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