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Proposed Amended Statement… 2nd Draft Finally

on August 16, 2015

One Year and One Week after receiving the first draft of my Proposed Statement, finally I have received the second draft (8th August 2014 – 15th August 2015).

I had been wrongly advised by someone not to push for the Statement to be finalised, as the EHCP transition was coming up, and I should leave it as long as possible and let the LA practice on other people before giving me a EHCP (instead of a Statement).  At the time this made sense, as the LA had already moved Josie into her new school and was settling nicely.

Then with just eight days notice, the LA informed the school that they wanted to have a Transition meeting, and I was sent some forms to complete.  I stupidly wasn’t prepared for that surprise.  So with advice and support from SOS!SEN, we put the LA off and demanded that they fulfill their legal requirement and issue a Finalised Statement.

Now I am back in the game again, and just over one year since receiving the first draft, I have a second draft of the amended proposed statement.

This time I am going to be prepared, so I will book myself onto a SOS!SEN Workshop to learn as much as I can.  www.sossen.org.uk/parent_workshops

For now, I have to get my ‘Finalised Statement’ finally finalised.

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