Dyslexia, the Education System and Life in general

LA Blunders

on June 14, 2016

With all this uproar over Baker Small this weekend, gloating over social media about their victory over a child with SEN.  I am reflecting how lucky I am that my LA’s lawyer has actually helped smooth the pathway along our route to Tribunal. With the guidance of their lawyer we agreed on a Finalised Statement (back in February 2016) after having a Proposed Statement since August 2014.

Celebrations all round, and I carefully filed the wonky scanned copy of the agreed finalised statement that the lawyer had emailed me. I withdrew my Appeal, and took a deep sigh as it was less than a week before the Tribunal Hearing.

I waited for my official Statement to arrive. I emailed the LA and requested a copy. They passed me from one department to another. I was eventually sent a previous draft. Then another draft. Several more versions later. Now their solicitor has sent them the scanned version that the LA sent him, to help them find the official Agreed version. It is now almost four months later and yet again they have just emailed me another wrong version tonight.

Tomorrow I will be on the phone to the Ombudsman and then maybe the SOS!SEN helpline, think I may need some help with some scary legal wording.

Looks like someone may have to retype it from scratch.

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