Dyslexia, the Education System and Life in general

Year 11 is over

on June 1, 2017

Year 11 is almost at an end, with three more exams to go. Everything is calm on the surface at home. Josie says she is not stressed about her exams, which should be a good thing, but she is convinced that she will fail them all. 

I have since realised by fail she means anything less than a C (new level 5), as this is classed as a Pass. At that standard, I failed all my exams back in 1985. I passed CSE level 2 Maths, 2 Typing, 3 Science, 3 Home Economics, 4 English, 4 Child Development, 4 Geography. These would be GCSES levels D, E, and F (or the new GCSEs levels 4, 3, and 2). I wanted to retake my English in 6th Form but was told ‘I would not be able to pass the O Level in one year that I couldn’t pass in two years’, so I took Business Studies instead. 
It’s an exciting time of year. I can see Josie growing day by day, and her National Insurance number (no cards any more) arrived the other day, so she really is becoming a young adult. 

As the independent young adult that she is becoming, she has decided where she wants to go to college, and has an interview lined up. But she still needs more help with English and Maths etc. We had her Transition meeting in March and she has now received her draft EHCP which agrees she still needs Specialist input to help her reach her potential. She would really struggle in mainstream college without the proper support. Only trouble is that she only wants to go to mainstream. The LA left it so last to start the Transition that we are still without a school placement for September and we still only have a draft EHCP. These should have been completed by 31st March. 

So although things are calm on the surface, we are both frantically paddling underwater, like two beautiful swans. 

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